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 Awards won by SmartLinks! Thanks for the Awards!   

Index of Awards
    Page 1       AICPA "Smart Stop on the Web"
                         AOL "Member Site of the Week"
                         Education Index - Top Site
                         Real Estate Library - Pure Gold

    Page 2     Humming Award for A Humming Good Page
                    Great Gig - Website Excellence Award
                    Art Room Award

    Page 3    TuBears Award
                    RAVI's Elite Web Site
                    Excellence in Web Design
                    Great Design

    Page 4    SINN 98 Nominee Award
                    Key Site
                    Submission Pro Site Winner
                    Global Excellence - Web Site Development & Design
                    GhostSeekers' Site of the Week

    Page 5    Design World - Bronze Voyager Award
                    Design Award -
                    MNE WOW! AWARD
                    Artistic Reality - Cool Reality Award

    Page 6     Pretty Penny Award
                    CJ's Award of Excellence
                    American Legion - Gold Wing of Excellence Award
                    Website Award of Excellence
                    A to Z Services - Outstanding And Informative Site Award

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