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Language Toolbox - iTools


CIA - The World Factbook

wiseGEEK - Technology: wiseGEEK / categories

Address Locators - People Finders

Facebook - Find Friends.


Pipl - People Search

Area Codes

Area code locations

Maps - US - Local

Google Maps


Maps - Worldwide Maps

Google Maps

Maps, Global Map - National Geographic

Maps on Other Web Sites - Perry-Castañeda



UPS Home Page 

Postal Rates/ZIP Codes

USPS Postage Rate Calculator

Telephone Numbers

Find People Search | WhitePages

YP.COM - Yellow Pages

Telephone Directory Assistance

Reverse Phonebooks | Reverse Phonebook Search – Official Site


The Time Now: What Time Is It

The World Clock - Time Zones 


Google Translate

SmartLinks is an encyclopedia of writing systems and languages

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